It's High Speed
It's Always On
It doesn't tie up your phone
It's now available from 9Plus.Net in certain areas !

High speed DSL is now available to 9Plus.Net customers in certain areas!

What is DSL?

DSL is the most reliable and most affordable way to get high-speed broadband Internet to your home or business. Your DSL connection to the Internet is always on when you need it – no more waiting through those noisy modem sounds. The DSL signal comes right through your phone line, but it doesn’t tie up your phone. You can make and answer calls all you want while you surf the Internet at high speeds.

By getting DSL from 9Plus.Net, you’ll receive the best in service and support. You’ll get to keep your email addresses, backed by the best anti-spam and anti-virus protection in the business.

What you won’t get (but you might if you order your DSL from the phone company) are surprise charges on your phone bill like additional taxes, federal, state and FCC fees – the price we give you is the price you’ll pay! What you won’t get is locked into a long-term contract with early termination penalties – you can pay by the month and you can cancel anytime before your next month of service begins. What you won’t get is pushed into some new over-priced phone package with call forwarding, three way calling, call return and whatever else just to get a discount on your DSL. Our low prices are unconditional!

How Do I Get It?

First off, you need to have a phone line from your local phone company (not just a cell phone), and it must be within range of our 9Plus.Net DSL coverage area. To see if you qualify, you can contact us (888-638-6373 or or inquire by clicking below. If you qualify below, you can continue to place your order online or call us to get setup:

Click to inqure if you qualify for DSL!
Qualify for DSL

You’ll need a DSL modem which plugs into your computer and the phone line you’ll be using to receive the DSL. We offer a reliable and affordable line of DSL modems which we'll ship to you when you signup. If you need help at all during the process, contact us (888-638-6373 or!